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Teaching - Learning conceptual framework

Teaching - Learning conceptual framework is a framework that focus on what influence learning outcomes. In other word, this conceptual framework is the ruler that i used to analyze the learning outcomes.

Conceptual Framework by Anne Forster

A conceptual framework is a structure of concepts, principles, and relationships that represents knowledge about a subject.  Such a  framework helps a person to organize and make sense of information and to  use that information to improve decision‐making and problem‐solving in  everyday practice. 

Building a conceptual framework involves four elements: 



Teaching, i have thought a lot about this word, let me explain my thoughts first and then will conclude it, i saw teaching as a process of adding new knowledge/materials to learner, and during my previous search i found that could happened in two main ways Direct and Indirect.

My own objectives from the Learning at a distance module.

What do I hope to learn from this module?

1- how students learn—their approaches, strategies, and styles.

2- how to increase learners' competencies for self-direction and independence.


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